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Kaparte Promotions with Raf and O presents:

A special edition of ‘Ship Of Fools’ featuring:

Live sets from Metamono, Raf and O with special guest DJ David Stubbs




Formed by composer/producer Jono Podmore, electronic musician Paul Conboy and fine artist Mark Hill, Metamono follow the dictates of their uncompromising manifesto: barring themselves from using digital sound generation and processing, rejecting overdubs and microphones, and informing their unique approach to music making.
Their instinctive, improvised compositions are created using a selection of pre-used, borrowed and handbuilt vintage analogue synths and ring modulators, enhanced by the ethereal sounds of a theremin, a siren and a valve radio. Early releases, Band Theory and C15H14O6, are limited editions available on cassette only, whilst Tape EP, Parcel Post EP, Warszawa/Shafty 7” and now the debut album With the compliments of Nuclear Physics are available on vinyl. The 90 min live accompaniment to early silent science films Secrets of Nature-Sounds Unseen premiered at the Bradford Internation Film Festival 2014 and is currently on tour in the UK.
The band has an impressive pedigree, bringing a wealth of experience from both the art house and the moshpit. Paul Conboy’s work ranges from music for TV and film to vocals with Bomb the Bass and he is the instrument maker in Metamono. Jono Podmore is a composer and producer who, since his early days working with artists such as The Shamen, has gone on to release music in partnership with Irmin Schmidt of German experimental rock group Can. After two decades of working at the cutting edge of music technology, he’s disillusioned with the expediency of much contemporary music.
“Being able to download just about any sound imaginable is liberating in one way, but I’ve found it makes me less creative. Making purely electronic music while rejecting digital technology imposes limitations, but then actually forces you to be more imaginative and resourceful. We have to make every sound and of course that feeds into the rest of the aesthetic.” That aesthetic is evident at their live performances. This is technopop from another planet of the imagination.
“It’s all found; radios have been unearthed, instruments and boxes are happened upon,” says Hill, an artist with an ecological manifesto of his own and whose anti-consumerist philosophy is central to Metamono’s ethic/aesthetic.


Raf and O are Raf Mantelli and O Richard Smith. The two piece band from South East London have garnered widespread acclaim in the UK / Europe since 2008 with exciting shows highlighting magnetic performances of their unique detailed avant-pop, a concoction of emotional journeys, time travel and surreal dreams. They also collaborated with Gagarin (Nico, Pere Ubu), supported Faust, Alabama 3, Little Annie Bandez with Larsen, more recently, performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall’s Literature Festival, celebrating 100 years of William S. Burroughs with Richard Strange and a stellar cast of artists.
In 2013, Raf and O launched their unique interpretation of David Bowie’s Lady Grinning Soul. God Is The TV described it as ‘Avant-bizarre’. Mike Garson, Bowie’s long-standing pianist and creative collaborator/ performer on the 1973 original, praised Raf and O’s minimal approach to this classic track. This led to the band performing twice on the legendary bandstand, hosting the remake of the Beckenham Free Festival, originally organised by David Bowie in 1969. Bowie gave his support again to Memory Of A Free Festival in 2013 and in 2014.
Their latest album ‘Time Machine’ was launched last year at Shoreditch Church. Featured on David Bowie Official, it made the Top 10 albums list of 2014 picked by Joe Muggs on FACT Magazine and was reviewed, amongst others, in the Quietus by legendary journalist David Stubbs.
“The excellent Time Machine represents the very antithesis of EDM …There is a butterfly, acoustic delicacy and yet also the deceptive, steel strength of spider silk in their complex weaving…Raf ranges far and wide in her emotional and lyrical foragings…” David Stubbs, The Quietus
“One of the more memorable events of the Beckenham Festival was Raf and O’s haunting performance of David Bowie’s Lady Grinning Soul” David Bowie Official.
“A beguiling slice of noir-pop…a total treat” The Girls Are
“Tripped-out hypnotic …Their sound springs from a conjuncture of Aladdin Sane and The Man Who Fell To Earth, with an added allure of trip-hop…Tender and diaphanous, from bent out of shape Air meets folkloric avant-noir to ESG and Radiohead’s Hail To The Thief” Monolith Cocktail


David Stubbs is a British author and music journalist. He joined the music magazine Melody Maker in 1986 where he remained for a dozen years. Combining his serious writing career with writing the humorous “Talk Talk Talk” section, which featured the infamous character of “Mr Agreeable”, Stubbs has written, more seriously, for the now-defunct Vox magazine, for the NME (late 1990s and early 2000s), and as editor of The Wire, Uncut, The Guardian, The Times and The Quietus.
As well as for conducting innumerable interviews with a plethora of ground breaking musical artists and bigscreen legends has written books on Jimi Hendrix, Eminem, “Why people get Rothko but don’t get Stockhausen” and more recently the highly acclaimed “Future Days”, an absorbing history of Krautrock and 1970s Germany.
For this special occasion, Stubbs as guest DJ, will be spinning a carefully selected combination of analogue, Krautrock, electro, Bowie and more ….