Othon + Marc Almond, Bird Radio, Ernesto Tomasini: Pineal

Othon + Marc Almond, Bird Radio, Ernesto Tomasini: Pineal

The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, N5 1RD London

Thursday 19th June 2014, 7:00 pm


Othon Garage

Revolutionary songwriter, post-minimalist composer and PAN muzik founder, Othon, had no idea of the direction his music would take after participating in a series of mind-expanding ceremonies with the potent psychoactive ‘medicine’ Ayahuasca, in Brazil in 2012. In the midst of the jungle and under the hypnotic singing of indigenous shamans, he was overflowed with sensory information that would set the grounds for his emotionally charged and provocative new album. ‘Pineal’, which will be released on June 23rd by Strike Force Entertainment, is a multidimensional music journey that brings together Othon’s past and future, his edgy experimental songwriting, with his newly found love of awe-inspiring wilderness and ancient wisdom. As ‘Pineal’ swings from cinematic pop and fierce shamanic techno to jungle evoking down-tempo and violin driven electronica, Othon’s self-defined PAN muzik world that originated with his acclaimed second album, Impermanence, reaches unexpected new heights.

At The Garage, Othon together with Marc Almond, Bird Radio, Ernesto Tomasini, other special guests and a band, will present for the first time material from his new album, which honors and celebrates altered states of consciousness.

This is a Kaparte Promotions event.


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