Ship of Fools: Dead Rat Orchestra / Children of the Acrylic Flowers

Kaparte Promotions presents:

Ship of Fools: Dead Rat Orchestra / Children of the Acrylic Flowers

Sunday 6 may
Bar & Co, Temple Pier
Victoria Embankment
London WCR2
Closest tube: Temple, Waterloo, Charing Cross

Doors 7.30pm, music starts at 8.00pm

Tickets £6 adv from:
or £8 on the door

Since forming in 2002, The Dead Rat Orchestra have played regularly throughout the UK and Internationally, always attempting to react or interact with their surroundings and the people and ideas that they come across – often crafting each performance for the particular space in which they find themselves (from former abattoirs to churches, concert halls to coppice woods).

“Acutely haunting and occasionally brutal”, their music is always focused on the freedom to play. It would not be fair to say that the music is totally improvised, yet neither would it be correct to class it composed. A framework of ideas or sounds is created, but the exact form of a piece is never derived from these.

A focus on performances rather than recording and the constant desire to experiment, expand and play has driven the music on – musical magpies to the last, any means of ringing some resonance out of sounds found either in trembling strings, stretched skins, cracked metal, scratched vinyl, blood, sweat and snow is allowable. Through this no limits approach a music of sometimes quiet beauty, dark brutality and even ecstatic joy has been carved. Often precarious, dancing on the edges of falling apart, their music has shuffled into existence.

The Children of the Acrylic Flowers is the shared musical project of Elisa Gallo Rosso (vocals) and Alex Monk (guitar/ casio and efffects.) The pair came together after Gallo Rosso lent her ‘astonishing voice’ (Penny Black Music) to Monk’s last album ‘The Safety Machine’ and during those sessions they discovered a shared love of improvisation,shamanism and the unconscious in their performances.

*Ship of Fools promotes and supports the best of contemporary folk, electronica, neo-classical and avant-garde presenting a bi-monthly a selection of both established and up and coming acts.*
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