Late at Tate with The Light & Shadow Salon

Friday 13 April, Tate Britain Auditorium

Taking its inspiration from works of Turner to explore notions of the Sublime, Kaparte Promotions invites The Light & Shadow Salon to present Sublime Salon, an evening of moving image and ideas featuring short films, conversation, sound and music, including a rare screening of the Quays Brothers ‘In Absentia’. Hosted by Chiara Ambrosio.

featuring moving image work by

Chiara Ambrosio
Martin Earle
Ivanov & Chan
Daniel Ojari
Matteo Pizzarello
James Rogan

‘In Absentia’ by Quays Brothers (rare screening)

A listening session including work by

Sound artist Mark Peter Wright
Composer James Hesford

A solo cello recital by
Alfia Nakipbekova

with curator, editor and poet Gareth Evans
and philosopher Iain Hamilton Grant

and live music by
Bird Radio and Adam Donen

TATE BRITAIN AUDITORIUM, Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG

FREE TICKETS to be collected from the Auditorium entrance
First come first serve basis..


and TATE


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