Kaparte Oxjam 2011: SLaPpER / Lupen Crook / Gagarin / The Reckless Engineer + Special guest Simon Breed

Kaparte Promotions presents:

Kaparte OxJam 2011 @ The Miller, Saturday 22 October 2011

After the success of last year event Kaparte Promotions presents another Oxjam night of experimental music, performances, visual art and djs in the exciting area of London Borough.

SLaPpER / Lupen Crook / Gagarin / The Reckless Engineer + Special guest SIMON BREED

Serge Gainsbourg meets Captain Beefheart via Lieutenant Pigeon, SlapPeR was created in 2004, to perform a one-off rendition of ‘Any Old Iron’ for a Cockney-themed night of Fabaret – a cabaret night for random acts of meaningless and senseless beauty. Two years and a few more musicians later they decided to fully unleash their unashamed display of disturbing cacophony and special costumerie upon the general public. A string of London gigs has followed, as well as performances at festivals such as The Secret Garden Party.

Singer-songwriter and visual artist Lupen Crook blends beauty and brutal truth in his own inimitable style. Edgy and emotive, with a dark, observational wit, his imaginative song-writing continues to gather interest and acclaim from both underground and mainstream quarters. Lupen Crook also produces a wide variety of raw and expressionistic artworks, including paintings, collage and illustrations. He releases all musical output via his own label Beast Reality, more often than not featuring packaging that has been hand-crafted and personalised by Lupen Crook himself.

“… like a more jaundiced Ray Davies as the song travels from voice and guitar through muscular band punctuation… this is original and highly concentrated stuff.“ – Mojo
“… a dazzling virtuoso … skeletal, finger-picked songs… his voice stretches words beautifully around every nook and cranny. … Who knows what really lurks behind Lupen Crook’s pretty demeanour? Whatever it is, though, it sounds utterly compelling.” – NME

Gagarin has been making music on the edges of the musical galaxy for many years in many guises. Currently he works alone crafting atmospheric digital soundscapes, sculpting future grooves and polishing aching melodies. He plays out live – an exciting mix of software precision and human frailty/spontaneity thats never the same twice.

Early adventures in cult Manchester band Ludus were followed by a sustained period playing and co-writing with the legendary Nico of the Velvet Underground. He’s since recorded and collaborated with John Cale, Suns of Arqa, Eric Random, David Thomas & Pere Ubu, Bill Pritchard,Cabaret Voltaire as well as many others and played at the Tabyck shamanist festival in Siberia,in castles in Scotland and France, festivals and clubs across the globe.

The Reckless Engineer creates shifting sonic textures by manipulating pre-recorded audio, with results ranging from the ephemerol, to the sometimes brutal. He works as sound engineer for Marvin Ayres whose recent perfomance include the National Portrait Gallery. The Reckless Engineer last London appearance was during the event Edge of the Outside at Sassoon Gallery.

Dottintheshark / Ania Cerelctak

Adrian Nairda

Tickets ONLY £5 from: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/134205

Starting from 7pm to 1am on Saturday 22 October

Info: 07870 832 505
96 Snowsfields Road
London Bridge / Borough
City of London SE1 3SS

More info:

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