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With the project “Soundscapes” (born within an Arbeit curated live series with same name), Jochen Arbeit (of EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN and Die Haut), Paul Beauchamp, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo and Julia Kent (the trio known as Blind Cave Salamander) pursue the task and challenge of exchanging the results of their own sound researches in a public space.

What is important is the moment of the spontaneous meeting of different systems of soundscaping, independent from each other. The results will gonna be unpredictable, unique and temporary.

Jochen Arbeit guitar, electronics
Paul Beauchamp electronics, musical saw, harmonica
Julia Kent cello
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo guitar, electric viola

Better knows as the guitarist of EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN Arbeit moved 1980 to Berlin and became part of the loose artist and music movement GENIALE DILETTANTEN.

Which had its roots in Punk-Rock and Dada. In 1983 he became a member of the influencal Instrumental-Band DIE HAUT, with whom he started touring in Europe and overseas. The band produced records in the USA with fellow likeminded Artisits as Singers. The band always wore suits on stage.

In 1997 he became an official member of the Avantgarde Noise Band EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, which he met in the earliey eighties.

Other projects were a Berlin style country band THE JEVER MOUNTAIN BOYS, the soul crooner of the band MARTIN DEAN, the melancholic seriousness of painter Martin Eder with his band RICHARD RUIN and the tiki and latino influenced project LATIN LOVERS with Yoyo Röhm.

Since 2006 he is part of the Art Project STUPID GREEN with dancer/performance artist Vania Rovisco and light artist Asa Frankenberg.

Julia Kent was born in Vancouver, Canada, studied cello at Indiana University, Bloomington, and lives in New York. She was an original member of cello-rock band RASPUTINA, who released two records on Columbia and toured throughout North America.

After leaving Rasputina she joined ANTONY AND THE JOHNSON, playing on and contributing string arrangements to the group’s Mercury Prize-winning record I AM A BIRD NOW, and touring Europe, North America, Australia, and Brazil, including shows at Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall and numerous television appearances.

In addition to her ongoing participation in Antony and the Johnsons, she has performed and/or recorded with many other artists and ensembles, including the Angels of Light, Ben Weaver, Burnt Sugar, Leona Naess, Teddy Thompson, Devendra Banhart, Donovan, Larsen, William Parker, and Angela McCluskey.. As a solo artist, she has performed at the Donau Festival in Austria, the LEM festival in Barcelona, and at venues throughout Europe and the U.S.

PAUL BEAUCHAMP and FABRIZIO MODONESE PALUMBO are two musicians based in Italy whose extensive collaborations over the years include acts such as Current 93, Colin Potter and Steven Stapleton of Nurse with Wound, Little Annie, Ernesto Tomasini, Lydia Lunch, just to mention a few. Both separately and together they focus mainly on drones and loops creating haunting soundscapes and atmospheres.

Cafe OTO
18 – 22 Ashwin street
E8 3DL

Tickets £8 in advance, £10 on the door


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