Othon and Tomasini + Sieben at National Portrait Gallery

Kaparte Promotions proudly presents:

Othon & Tomasini and Sieben in a 30 minute set each as part of the National Portrait Gallery’s “Late Shift” series.

Friday 6 August from 18.30 to 19.30
National Portrait Gallery
St Martin’s Place London WC2H 0HE

This event is FREE

Up and coming cutting edge duo, Othon & Tomasini, has thrilled audiences all over Europe with its explosive electric performances.

Othon’s uncompromising songwriting and virtuosic piano playing perfectly match Tomasini’s staggering 4 octave range and idiosyncratic theatricality. Sonically, they mix and tease cabaret, pop and punk with opera histrionics and post romantic melodrama, while emotionally they move from the darkest corners of the psyche to the most joyous corners of the human heart.

This is the only appearance in London after their recent sold out show at the Leicester Square Theatre last June!

“Othon & Tomasini’s concert was entertaining, intense and of an extraordinary quality”
Radio 3 (National radio), Spain 2009

Sieben is vocalist and violinist Matt Howden’s one-man show.
One voice, one violin, one simple loop-pedal. The songs are made live, layer upon layer of looped violin, beaten, plucked, bowed and thrashed! Matt has produced studio albums for various artists including The Mystery School and Sol Invictus; done string arrangements for artists such as The Walkabouts, Faith and the Muse, and L’Ame Immortelle; remixes for Emilie Autumn, Dope Stars and many more; music for film, television, dance companies, and art exhibitions; over 1,000 live appearances.
http://www.matthowden.com/See more


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