Nocturne Folks: The Cesarians + Graan

Kaparte Promotions present:

Nocturne Folks with THE CESARIANS, Graan, Alex Monk

Friday 27 November
The Half Moon
10 Half Moon Lane, SE 24 9HU
020 7274 2733

Doors 8.00pm, music starts at 8.30pm, until 1am
Tickets £5 in advance from See Ticket and WeGotTickets:
£7 on the door

The Cesarians, the most talked band in town will play an outstanding set for the exclusive club Nocturne Folks, in the decadent settings of the glourious Half Moon in Herne Hill, on Friday 27 November.
Featuring ex members of Penthouse, Monkey Island and Baadar Meinhoff, it’s not since The Birthday Party crashed and burned in Berlin, that  the twisted sounds of old style decadence has been pumped so intensely through distorted amplifiers. London scenesters looking for a scene free of recycled rock, have found expression in The Cesarians cabaret world.
Had rock and roll been born in 1930’s urban Europe, and not 1930’s rural America, it would have been like this; part Kurt Weil, part Jacques Brel, part Ernst Kirchner, part klezma. Looking like a band formed in the mind of George Grosz, The Cesarians capture the urban zeitgeist via the junk shop instruments of old Europe . In their hands, a clarinet, trombone, piano, and drums beaten in waltz time, make raw and raucous rock and roll. Over this beautiful chaos Charlie Finke preaches his own intense message.
“As far as alt.rock oompah bands go, this lot are in a class of their own.” – David Sinclair, The Times Online
” It is classic, dirty rock and roll at it’s best, a sound missing for at least twenty-five years we’re damn happy it’s back.” – Bearded Magazine

Graan formed spontaneously following a successful appearance under the Platform Five (Funf) at the Avantgarde festival in Schiphorst, Germany, in July 2008.
Graan make Avant-Enochian doom and science-fiction drone bringing heavy bass guitar frequencies into the electronic mix alongside gutteral  utterances, mordant guitar riffs and dystopian spoken word. Graan is approximately half the members of Stëllä Märïs Drönë Örchësträ and one of Drift of Signifieds, creating soundscapes where new weird electronica meets deep-listening Lovecraftian Delerium.
“If Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and John Dee formed a band then this would be the result.  London’s Graan will crush your spirit with deafening static, claustrophobic low end, blasphemous ranting and monomaniacal pursuit of The Riff.” – Bang the Bore

Alex Monk is a musician and producer based in London and is fond of experimentation and improvisation, combining acoustic and digitally processed elements. Subjecting the guitar and found sounds to a variety of analogue and digital processes, Monk’s live improvised performances exhibit past, present and future sonic events. A creation of timeless artefacts akin to the apex of Post-Punk inventiveness, as well as today’s ecclesiastical drone rock.


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