Ship of Fools: SonVer + Human Greed

Ship of Fools: SonVer + Human Greed

Sunday 15 NovemberShip of fool Flyer2_front
Bar & Co, Temple Pier

Victoria Embankment

Kaparte Promotions and Tursa exclusive club on the boat returns in November
with two other outstanding guests.

SonVer formed in November 2003, when Joanna Quail [cello] and Ben McLees [guitar] wrote and recorded ‘Until The Stones Melt’, a 9-minute track which would form the template for SonVer’s cinematic. post-rock soundscapes. During the summer of 2007. SonVer expanded to a 4-piece, with the addition of guitarist/bassist Ruban Byrne and drummer Alistair Richardson. In November 2008, SonVer release their second album ‘Luz del Abyss’, supported by a live show in Leige [Belgium] and a third appearance at The Union Chapel in London.

***Note: This set does not include the full line up of SonVer. Joanna Quail will be opening presenting some new ‘solo’ material. She then will be joined by Ben McLees and special guest Will Connor (Vultures) for the rest of the performance.

Human Greed was established in 2000 by Scottish writer Michael Begg and painter/illustrator, Deryk Thomas. The pair have, over 8 years and 3 full length recordings developed and refined a technique encompassing abstract electronica, field recordings, manipulated samples, and, increasingly – and most noticeably in their most recent album, Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star – acoustic instrumentation.

Tickets £6 in advance:
or £8 on the door.

More info:


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